We will be glad to provide you excellent service as a trading and intermediair agent when it comes to the objects stated below.

  • Newly build flattop pontoons & barges, standardized and custom built
  • Newly build floating drydocks
  • Used floating equipment
  • New steel constructions for on- and offshore, (machined) steel parts
  • Shipbuilding parts


It will be our pleasure to provide practical but excellent advice which is related to the following.

  • Consultancy in the purchasing of vessels,pontoons & barges to third parties
  • Project based purchasing (maritimeindustry)
  • Project management
  • On site Building survey for vessels,pontoons & barges,all over the world by a dedicated team of professionals


Do not hesitate to contact us, when you want TABmarine to be your broker when it comes to the following objects.

  • New standardized flattop pontoons and barges
  • Used floatingequipment


In collaboration with our partners we offer you the following products for sale and/or rent, both used and new.

  • Flattop Barges
  • Accommodation Barges
  • Hopper Barges
  • Seagoing Tugs
  • Harbor Tugs
  • Small Workboats
  • Remaining Equipment