It's all in the name

The name TABmarine has been chosen as it represent several ways of explanations. TAB (marine) can be read as Tess And Bo, the daughters of the owner to underline the family aspect of the company. The abbreviation can also be read as; Trading, Advice and Brokerage as it’s our company daily business and also it can be read as Tugs And Barges, the product groups we are active in.

Situated in the Waalhaven Rotterdam, TABmarine is in the heart of the maritime industry with perfect access to the European market and with the ability to offer you all kind of maritime services.

New or used Flattop barges, hopper barges, crane barges, used tugs and workboats, special barges for the offshore industry or tailor made barges. You name it and we deliver!

Next to barges and vessels we offer (spare) parts delivery and deliver shipbuilding components like fenders, manholes, hatches, construction works, mooring equipment such as bollards, (swivel)-fairleads, chocks, warping rollers, anchors-and anchor chains, lashing equipment and more. Specific data sheets can be found on our products page. Precise machined steel parts are also in our scope of delivery, produced in close cooperation with our partners in China and Europe.

Together with those partners we also offer lay-up service in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Nantong (P.R. China) area. At both harbors we offer you deck preparation, sea-fastening and deck cleaning services as well. 

Operating worldwide, another important part of TABmarine's business are purchasing and project management services as well as on-site Survey for all kinds of shipbuilding activities.

Proud to be, TABmarine

The main reasons being the fact that maintaining personal relationships with our customers, and just as important, our suppliers, before and after sales has become one of our core values over the years. This translates to a flexible and service-focused mindset, quick response time and acting instead of talking - or as we like to say in Rotterdam; "Geen woorden maar daden."

Needless to say, our maritime products meet high quality standards and (on site) services are provided with care. 

Altogether this results in a high customer satisfaction, as well as TABmarine and it's close partners taking a special kind of professional pride in conducting our day-to-day business.

Ofcourse we care about leaving a positive impact on society. Therefore we provide financial support, arrange club activities and offer sponsorships to several local Dutch sport clubs like Noad'32, A.S.V. Swift and HKC.