A grasp of our older news articles 


Providing a building package for a mega yacht

During March we received additional orders from one of our overseas customers for the delivery of a steel package to built a Mega Yacht. Many fully loaded containers were delivered and still several containers must be loaded and will be shipped during April. The order was executed in close cooperation with several Dutch partners in the maritime industry and coordinated by TABmarine. To make loading and discharging possible we used 40’ open top containers with all materials sea-fastened by a professional lashing company to ensure the products will arrive safe and in good condition at the final destination.

Big diversity of shipbuilding components        

During the month we received several orders from divers customers in all kinds of industry. A summary of components we sold this month; M-fender, D-fender, Cylindrical fender, Manholes, Steel plates and profiles, Machines Parts, Mooring Ropes, Lashing Materials, Anchor Chain and some Mooring Chocks. Our delivery program has a huge variety and in cooperation with our partners we can ensure top-quality against reasonable prices and last but not least short delivery times.


Our own line of rubber fenders         

TABmarine developed, together with one of the Worlds biggest factories for rubber fender, a complete line of rubber fender for maritime usage. Those fenders can be used on board of vessels, barges but also on quay’s as a protection for both vessels and harbor quay’s. 

A full set of information about all fender types like D-fender, Cylindrical fender, W-fender and can be found at our product page. For questions or offer’s feel free to send your request to