At the start of 2024, new tracksuits and game shirts were provided for teams of A.S.V. Swift. Besides this a donation was made, free to use however suits the club best. 

TABmarine as team sponsor


Building 4 brand-new pontoons 

Together with our shipyard partner Yahua Nantong we started a big project of building 4 brand new pontoons. Two of those, with a length of 40M, in order of an undisclosed buyer.

Of the other two high deck strenght constructed flattop pontoons, similar in dimentions, one was sold to our international customer Coastworks and one is available from stock at the Rotterdam Harbour !

Time to celebrate!

June 2023

5 years of TABmarine

Succesfully conducting

worldwide busines


Length 50M

Beam   18,8M

Depth  3M

Deck strength 20 T/m2

2 spud poles of 23M

ABS unrestricted services classed

Sports sponsorship signed

With our wish to give back to the community, we agreed upon a long term sponsorship deal with one of the upcoming Korfbal (als known as netball) clubs playing at the highest level in The Netherlands; HKC Hardinxveld.

A grasp of our older news articles 


Dutch designed and built shallow-draft workboat tailored to local (African) needs, a classic TABmarine story !

Due to TABmarine’s knowledge of the African market and its experience with intercontinental shipbuilding and equipment manufacturing projects, an African client ordered a workboat in 2021. Tailored to the client’s needs, the work barge has been designed to be truly multi-purpose and able to sail in very shallow waters. We were happy to be able to deliver the vessel six weeks ahead of schedule.
The client wanted TABmarine to design and build a self-propelled, ultra-shallow draft work barge to operate at and near the company’s industrial facilities in various roles. And that is exactly what the vessel offers. It is currently being used for maintenance works, transportation (ferry services), supply duties , buoy laying, anchor handling and even waste collection.

       Dutch design, African assets
TABmarine designs and builds a wide range of tugs, workboats, pontoons and industrial barges. In addition, the company delivers tailor-made craft, esp. for multi-purpose use in ports and harbours. These vessels are all designed in close collaboration with clients worldwide and built to proven Dutch quality standards.

Fairleads, buoys and mooring anchors fastly delivered from stock

For the same project we also delivered several lashing parts, e.g. twist locks and base plates; all fast and from stock.

One of TABmarine’s returning customers requested the delivery of 4 pieces of 70-tonnes roller fairleads, 4 mooring anchors (ranging from 2500-3000 kg) and 4 anchor buoy’s. Delivering the fairleads, anchors and buoys from stock allowed the owner to start their project immediately.


In summer 2021 TABmarine booked a great variety of orders for marine equipment. Orders included several types of steel hatches for a Crane Barge refurbishing project, a full container of rubber fenders, manholes, lashing equipment and a series of pneumatic tire net fenders (see photo). Needless to say, all on time and within budget. 

Two newly build multi-purpose barges deliverd ahead of schedule

After the handing over of barge Maja 11 in the first half of January, this month TABmarine handed over 2 new built barges to Osprey Maritime Ltd.; a UK headquartered major player in the field of engineering, logistics and heavy transport. Osprey Maritime Ltd. is operating barges, transport and heavy lifting equipment all over the world and is known as a turn key solution provider. The two sister barges, Osprey Bouwer and Osprey Fabrique, have been specifically designed to fit Osprey’s versatile fleet and are a welcome addition in the scheduled growth. Both Length, height and beam as well as the high deck strength of the barges give a lot of opportunities to operate the barges for all kind of transport and civil works in the most harsh conditions. 

TABmarine received the order for this newbuild’s in March 2020 and ex-yard China delivery was mid-November 2020. The barges were loaded November 17th 2020 and the barges arrived in Rotterdam the 2 nd of January 2021. After some touch up- and installation works the barges have been handed over, within agreed budget, to Osprey Maritime Ltd. more than 2 Months ahead of schedule.

Newly build barge contributes to sustainability

In the first half of January TABmarine handed over a newly built barge to Maja Stevedoring, an Amsterdam based stevedoring company operating all around the world. The barge ‘MAJA 11’ has been specifically designed to fit to Maja’s transshipment barge Enterprise. Both Length, height and beam as well as the shape of the barge makes the operation of Maja Stevedoring smooth and safe. On top of this, spill of cargo into the water surface will be reduced to zero, an environment friendly solution! Materials which in the past fell into the water where useless and a loss as well as recovery costs are high. Cargo which now will end up at the Maja 11 can be taken away by the cranes and will be delivered as valuable cargo. 

TABmarine received the order for this newbuilt in July 2020 and ex-yard China delivery was mid-November. The shipment of the barge on SAL’s Hilke went smooth and after loading on November 18 the Hilke arrived in Rotterdam the 2nd of January 2021 after she sheltered for a storm for 5 days at Vigo. After a small touch up, installation of the winches and adding some small equipment the barge has been handed over, within agreed budget, to Maja Stevedoring 2,5 Month ahead of schedule. 


TABmarine as your international partner for shipbuilding parts


Delivery of Windows and portholes for Mega yacht: we finished production and passed the classification test for a full set of 25 windows fitted with high gloss polished stainless steel retaining rings for a mega yacht which is under construction in the Middle East. At the same moment a container was shipped for the same project, loaded with Aluminum plates and profiles, triclad profiles and the hull inserts for the yacht’s stabilization system. A succesfull delivery to a satisfied customer, the direct result of TABmarine as your partner for Shipbuilding parts with worldwide. 

Providing a building package for a mega yacht

During March we received additional orders from one of our overseas customers for the delivery of a steel package to built a Mega Yacht. Many fully loaded containers were delivered and still several containers must be loaded and will be shipped during April. The order was executed in close cooperation with several Dutch partners in the maritime industry and coordinated by TABmarine. To make loading and discharging possible we used 40’ open top containers with all materials sea-fastened by a professional lashing company to ensure the products will arrive safe and in good condition at the final destination.

Big diversity of shipbuilding components        

During the month we received several orders from divers customers in all kinds of industry. A summary of components we sold this month; M-fender, D-fender, Cylindrical fender, Manholes, Steel plates and profiles, Machines Parts, Mooring Ropes, Lashing Materials, Anchor Chain and some Mooring Chocks. Our delivery program has a huge variety and in cooperation with our partners we can ensure top-quality against reasonable prices and last but not least short delivery times.


Our own line of rubber fenders         

TABmarine developed, together with one of the Worlds biggest factories for rubber fender, a complete line of rubber fender for maritime usage. Those fenders can be used on board of vessels, barges but also on quay’s as a protection for both vessels and harbor quay’s. 

A full set of information about all fender types like D-fender, Cylindrical fender, W-fender and can be found at our product page. For questions or offer’s feel free to send your request to