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Located in the Shanghai Free Trade zone, in the center of the maritime supply chain, SHBM is for over 20 years one of China’s most successful suppliers of marine store’s and shipbuilding equipment. The cooperation between SHBM and TABmarine strengthen the supply chain to all shipping lines and make it possible to order your ship’s supplies 24/7 for delivery next day. The cooperation between the owners of SHBM and TABmarine is existing already for over 12 years and contains the supply of a broad range of products and services:


  • Anchors (HHP Pool type, HHP Flipper type, Danforth type, Shark type) from 75 up to 15.000 kg
  • Anchor Chains, black tarred and galvanized
  • High Polished Stainless Steel anchor pocket’s, mooring chocks and bollards for the yacht and cruise industry
  • High Polished Stainless Steel anchors for the yacht industry
  •  Deck fittings and Lashing Equipment 
  • Steel Wire rope, slings, shackles etc
  • Tagging cable’s
  • Life Saving equipment


  • Ship’s stores for both harbor’s Shanghai and Rotterdam