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Due to an increasing demand for the rental of maritime equipment TABmarine started a rental service. For the first project we purchased a series of 3000 kg LRs approved so called ‘Flipper type’ Mooring Anchors which are currently rented out  for a few Months.
If your company is interested in renting all kind of maritime equipment feel free to contact us, we are open for renting out barges, anchors, roller fairleads , pneumatic fenders and based on your demand all other type of maritime hardware products. At the moment we also have a big number of Stevshark Rex 2000kg and Stevshark Stevpris 5000kg anchors available for both sale and rental. Feel free to send us an email: 

Dutch designed and built shallow-draft workboat tailored to local African needs
Due to TABmarine’s knowledge of the African market and its experience with intercontinental shipbuilding and equipment manufacturing projects, an African client ordered a workboat in 2021. Tailored to the client’s needs, the work barge has been designed to be truly multi-purpose and able to sail in very shallow waters. Note that TABmarine delivered the vessel six weeks ahead of schedule.
The client wanted TABmarine to design and build a self-propelled, ultra-shallow draft work barge to operate at and near the company’s industrial facilities in various roles. And that is exactly what the vessel offers. It is currently being used for maintenance works, transportation (ferry services), supply duties , buoy laying, anchor handling and even waste collection.
Dutch design, African assets
TABmarine designs and builds a wide range of tugs, workboats, pontoons and industrial barges. In addition, the company delivers tailor-made craft, esp. for multi-purpose use in ports and harbours. These vessels are all designed in close collaboration with clients worldwide and built to proven Dutch quality standards.

See the workboat’s first trip here!

Want to know more about the TABmarine 2008 multi-purpose work barge? 
Click here for the specs.

One of TABmarine’s returning customers requested the delivery of 4 pieces of 70-tonnes roller fairleads, 4 mooring anchors (ranging from 2500-3000 kg) and 4 anchor buoy’s. Delivering the fairleads, anchors and buoys from stock allowed the owner to start their project immediately.
For the same project we also delivered several lashing parts, e.g. twist locks and base plates; all fast and from stock.


Today, June 1st, we celebrate our fourth birthday. Since TABmarine was established in 2018, we have partnered with an increasing customer base for which we design, build, deliver and broker newbuilds, second-hand vessels and marine equipment.
Today, we want to thank you, our customers and suppliers, for your trust and cooperation. We are proud and thankful to have handled so many projects with you!


On March 24, the first steel for the ultra-shallow draft workboat has been cut. Mrs. Sidi de Kok ceremonially pushed the button of the cutting machine, formally starting the building process. The hull of the barge will be built in cooperation with Dutch Steel Works. 

TABmarine handled a sales & purchase deal of a small workboat between two Dutch companies. This versatile workboat will be refurbished and used as a line-handler/crew boat in the rental fleet of the buyer.

Need to buy or rent a workboat (incl. this very line-handler)? Or interested in our brokering services? Feel free to  contact us.

An overseas customer ordered a custom-made newbuild vessel: an ultra-shallow draft self-propelled workboat. The vessel will be built and outfitted in the Netherlands. Scheduled delivery is August 2022. 

Watch the artist impression video of this TABmarine design !

In summer 2021 TABmarine booked a great variety of orders for marine equipment. Orders included several types of steel hatches for a Crane Barge refurbishing project, a full container of rubber fenders, manholes, lashing equipment and a series of pneumatic tire net fenders (see photo). All orders were delivered on time and within budget.  

This spring we served our customers as usual despite some challenges we faced with our container shipments from Asia to Europe. Availability of containers and vessels was low and the price level came to an absurd height, shipment (read delivery) times very uncertain. All together not ideal for our business. In between managing the regular business TABmarine moved to a new office per May 1 st 2021, the new address can be found at this website. Last but not least TABmarine celebrated her 3rd anniversary June 1 st 2021. Young but going strong!

For any request of barge or shipbuilding components feel free to sent us an inquiry at

After the handing over of barge Maja 11 in the first half of January, this month TABmarine handed over 2 new built barges to Osprey Maritime Ltd., a UK headquartered major player in the field of engineering, logistics and heavy transport. Osprey Maritime Ltd. is operating barges, transport and heavy lifting equipment all over the world and is known as a turn key solution provider. The two sister barges, Osprey Bouwer and Osprey Fabrique, has been specifically designed to fit Osprey’s versatile fleet and are a welcome addition in the scheduled growth. Both Length, height and beam as well as the high deck strength of the barges give a lot of opportunities to operate the barges for all kind of transport and civil works in the most harsh conditions. 

TABmarine received the order for this newbuild’s in March 2020 and ex-yard China delivery was mid-November 2020. The barges were loaded November 17th 2020 and the barges arrived in Rotterdam the 2 nd of January 2021. After some touch up- and installation works the barges have been handed over, within agreed budget, to Osprey Maritime Ltd. more than 2 Months ahead of schedule.


Barge details:
L 50 meter, W 18,80 meter, H 3 meter
Shaped bow and aft
Deck strength 20 T/m2
Certified ABS with unrestricted sailing area
6 double bollards
3 tow brackets and 3 fairleads
2 Spud cans 1000 mm
2 spud poles with a length of 23 meter

In the first half of January TABmarine handed over a new built barge to Maja Stevedoring, an Amsterdam based stevedoring company operating all around the world. The barge ‘MAJA 11’ has been specifically designed to fit to Maja’s transshipment barge Enterprise. Both Length, height and beam as well as the shape of the barge makes the operation of Maja Stevedoring smooth and safe and on top of it the spill of cargo into the water surface will be reduced to zero. Materials which in the past fell into the water where useless and a loss as well as recovery costs are high. Cargo which now will end up at the Maja 11 can be taken away by the cranes and will be delivered as valuable cargo. 

TABmarine received the order for this newbuilt in July 2020 and ex-yard China delivery was mid-November. The shipment of the barge on SAL’s Hilke went smooth and after loading on November 18 thHilke arrived in Rotterdam the 2 nd of January 2021 after she sheltered for a storm for 5 days at Vigo. After a small touch up and installation of the winches and some small equipment the barge has been handed over, within agreed budget, to Maja Stevedoring 2,5 Month ahead of schedule. 

Barge details:
L 15 meter, W 19 meter, H 2 meter Shaped bow and aft
Deck strength 3T/m2
Built acc Dutch SI rules
2 couple winches with 20mm wires
5 double bollards and 2 chocks
1 emergency anchor with quick release hook
At sides rubber D-fender installed



At the beginning of November the 3 new built barges Maja 11 (for Maja Stuwadoors Amsterdam), Osprey Bouwer & Osprey Fabrique (both for UK based Osprey Maritime Ltd.) where launched. The building of these units went smooth and the scheduled delivery is in the first half of January 2021, more than two months ahead of schedule. More information about the barges can be found at our website and if you are interested in barges, in any size or quantity, for both rental as well as building feel free to contact us.

During the month October TABmarine delivered within a total of 2 containers many shipbuilding parts. A total of 6 bowthruster units where delivered as a regular product to a Dutch customer. Next to this bowthruster units we delivered manholes to a reoccuring customer. From the same customer we received an order for 3 more bowthruster units whereof 2 of the biggest we build so far. We received new orders for a full container of fenders, anchor chain and anchors as well which all will be delivered in January 2021.

Last week Rotterdam based TABmarine celebrated the keel laying for 2 barges. These barges are under construction for UK based Osprey Maritime Ltd. The ABS classed barges measure 50 x 18.8 meter each and have a deck strength of 20MT/m2. Construction started early summer and, according to schedule, the barges will be ready for shipment to Europe at the beginning of November. Both barges, Osprey Bouwer and Osprey Fabrique, will be available in Q1-2021. For information and availability Osprey can be contacted . TABmarine, your partner for barges and maritime parts, can be contacted at

During the Month August TABmarine delivered many products to several Dutch customers. Three sets of emergency anchor frames including anchor, quick release, shackle’s and wire as complete sets including assembly materials for easy assembly on all kind of barges. Also several bollards, both single and double pipe, as well as we delivered a huge bowthruster unit to a returning customer.   An order has been booked for the delivery of 2 used, LRs certified, mooring winches for an abroad customer with a delivery time at the beginning of September.


Next to several orders for smaller equipment TABmarine received an order for the building of a tailor made barge for Dutch customer Maja Stuwadoors. The barge dimensions are 15 meters in length, 19 meters width and 2 meters in height and will be used as a header/spill barge. Transshipment operations in harbors can be very polluting and by using this barge the spill of cargo into the water will be minimized. The barge is designed according the Dutch Inland Waterway rules and will be delivered Q1-2021. The barge will be equipped with a rubber fender system, two coupling winches and one emergency drop-anchor with quick release hook. Next to the barge order Maja placed an order for the delivery of several emergency-drop anchor frames, complete with deck-assembly system, anchor and quick release system.

During the Month June TABmarine managed to supervise the upgrade of a 28 mtr Euro tug, Beluga Bremen, which left the builder June 30th with destination Murmansk. For this tug we delivered all towing equipment, lashing equipment and general supplies on board of the tug. From a new Dutch customer we received the order for the supply of three sets emergency anchor-frames, fully equipped with anchor, shackles and quick release hook. Also, two tailor made bowthruster units where ordered by one of our returning customers.


In this period the World is struggling with the Covid-19 virus and we wish our business partners and the entire world population health and safety in the hope the virus will be under control as soon as possible.

Business-wise we also feel most companies are withholding from unnecessary (stock) orders which we fully understand. Needless to say we maintained our flexible attitude to our customers by shifting delivery times and/or payment moments. To our suppliers we were able to fulfill all our obligations and even sometimes we paid in advance in order to help them through this difficult times as much we can.

Even in this difficult times we are at full speed with the building of 2 brand new barges for UK based Osprey Maritime Ltd. as well as we booked several new orders. Bollards for a repeat customer for a new building in The Netherlands, 4 bow thruster units, manholes, Towing brackets, mooring ropes and several lashing materials for new build vessels in both the Netherlands as well as in China. On top of that for one of our partners we booked an order to execute the supervisory works for a used tug up to handing over the vessel next Month.

At this moment TABmarine, in cooperation with our partners, has several new & used barges on sale. Stock in China and The Netherlands. For more information and requests feel free to contact us at


TABmarine is proud to announce they have inked a contract for the new building of 2 flattop barges for UK based contractor Osprey Ltd. The barges will measure 50 meters in length,  having a beam of 18.8 meter with a dept of 3 meter. Both barges will have a flush deck with a deck strength of 20MT/m2 whilst on the longitudinal frames the maximum capacity will be 60MT/m1. Both barges are equipped with 2 spuds of 23 meters in Length and 900mm diameter.  The barges will be named Osprey Bouwer and Osprey Fabrique and will be used for load outs, interconnection projects, demob and all other kind of barging works. 

Design of the barges has been done in the Netherlands and class notation will be ‘ABS unrestricted sailing area’. Both barges will be delivered to Osprey Ltd. In Q1-2021 from our headquarter Rotterdam Waalhaven.

Osprey Ltd.  is a heavy transport and offshore energy logistics company. More information about Osprey Ltd. can be found at

TABmarine is your partner for all kind of barges; flattop, liquid, crane- or transshipment barge, we offer you flexible and affordable solutions. Together with our partners we do have several barges available from stock as well. If you have any request for a barge solution feel free to contact us at

MARCH 2020
Delivery of Windows and portholes for Mega yacht: we finished production and passed the classification test for a full set of 25 windows fitted with high gloss polished stainless steel retaining rings for a mega yacht which is under construction in the Middle East. At the same moment a container was shipped for the same project, loaded with Aluminum plates and profiles, triclad profiles and the hull inserts for the yacht’s stabilization system. Again a delivery to a satisfied customer which proves TABmarine is the right partner for Shipbuilding parts with worldwide deliveries. 

During February we achieved to book an order for Hull Inserts for a superyacht. These parts are made of class approved high tensile steel and machining works where executed together with one of our partners in Holland. The Hull Inserts are to be used for the stabilizing system of the superyacht to ensure the owner a stable living area even in choppy seas. 

In February we delivered our first bow thruster unit to a Dutch customer together with the delivery of several constructed ballast pumps.    

We wish all our customers, suppliers and visitors of this website a prosperous 2020 !

The first weeks of January started very well with a repeating order for rubber fender. On Monthly base we ship all types of Rubber Fender from our production plant in China to several shipyards and ship-owners. This varies from D-fender in all kind of sizes, M-fender and Cylindrical fenders up to a diameter of 1200 mm. Next to this fender order we received the order from a repeating ‘overseas’ customer for the delivery of aluminum plate and profiles for the construction of a superyacht. Delivery is scheduled February 2020 for both fender and aluminum.

TABmarine has a wide range of supplies for all kind of products and customers, feel free to contact us at

During the latest Months of the year TABmarine was  again able to sell a full container of rubber fender, lashing equipment and construction steel works to a returning Dutch customer. Together with this customer we realized to get their purchase price for this kind of equipment down with 10-30% and with higher quality than before. Fenders are delivered in the exact requested dimensions and in hull shape so no loss of material and a huge labor efficiency has been achieved.

For a superyacht which is built abroad we  received the order for the delivery of Stainless steel windows and portholes. Delivery of those high quality polished windows is scheduled for April 2020. 

Next to previous mentioned sales we also booked a voyage together with one of our partners. A Dutch Joint Venture (2 leading offshore companies) invited us to ship 2 huge conveyor belts in the Baltic area. With a tug/barge combination we managed to execute the work within the agreed time and budget and without trouble for the customer. The towage was executed with the tug Beluga Rotterdam for which TABmarine also did the building surveyance during the summer this year.

We received an order for several shipsets of anchor chain from a Dutch shipyard. The delivery consists of several chain diameters regarding several types of vessels. Also lashing equipment and fender were part of this order.

From another Dutch shipyard we received an order for the delivery of tailor made construction works and for a trading company we received an order for 2 huge tailor made 9-roller fairleads.

SUMMER 2019  
As TABmarine grew in turnover and project volume, there was a need of change regarding our company structure. Per 1 st of July 2020 TABmarine has been changed to TABmarine B.V. Therefore we have received a new Chamber of Commerce number and new VAT number which both can be found at the contact page. 

During the summer period we finalized our supervisory works for the tug and completed our scope of works with the delivery of the first supply of consumables. The crew of the Beluga Rotterdam set sail for their first job in the Russian waters at the beginning of August. 

MAY 2019 
On behave of a Russian customer TABmarine executed the building supervision of a new build TUG up to the moment of delivery. The Tug was built in The Netherlands and based on a standard Neptune Eurotug 3010. Several tailor made solutions increased the capability of the TUG to the harsh conditions where she will work in. TABmarine also supplied a complete set of boatswain stores like mooring lines, shackles, tools and gangway.

Next to the work as superintendent described above, we also supplied a complete set of machined parts to a repeating customer, several mooring chocks and rubber fender to Dutch customers.

APRIL 2019

Recently we delivered and spooled approximately 1500 meters of  towing and anchor-handling cables onto a newbuilt tug.

Early April again a full container carrying all kinds of shipbuilding materials was loaded at our Chinese facility. Several shipyards and ship owners will receive their products during the first week of May. The shipment contains Rubber- Cylindrical fender, M-fender, D-fender including connection pieces, casted mooring chocks, steel round manholes and tailor made machined steel parts for a repeating customer. All high quality parts will be delivered door to door by TABmarine within agreed delivery time.


MARCH 2019

During March we received additional orders from one of our overseas customers for the delivery of a steel package to built a Mega Yacht. Many fully loaded containers were delivered and still several containers must be loaded and will be shipped during April. The order was executed in close cooperation with several Dutch partners in the maritime industry and coordinated by TABmarine. To make loading and discharging possible we used 40’ open top containers with all materials sea-fastened by a professional lashing company to ensure the products will arrive safe and in good condition at the final destination.



During the month we received several orders from divers customers in all kinds of industry. A summary of components we sold this month; M-fender, D-fender, Cylindrical fender, Manholes, Steel plates and profiles, Machines Parts, Mooring Ropes, Lashing Materials, Anchor Chain and some Mooring Chocks. Our delivery program has a huge variety and in cooperation with our partners we can ensure top-quality against reasonable prices and last but not least short delivery times


At the beginning of the year TABmarine supplied several orders from her customers. For a new built tug we supplied a galvanized anchor chain, safety equipment and rubber bow fenders. Also we received an order for the delivery of an Aluminum package for a customer in the Middle East which was followed by an order for several containers of steel for the same customer. An order for +1500 meter steel tow cables was received for delivery in The Netherlands.

TABmarine offers a wide range of products & services to customers all over the World in the field of shipbuilding and purchasing support based on trust and always with the highest customer focus.



TABmarine developed, together with one of the Worlds biggest factories for rubber fender, a complete line of rubber fender for maritime usage. Those fenders can be used on board of vessels, barges but also on quay’s as a protection for both vessels and harbor quay’s. A full set of information about all fender types like D-fender, Cylindrical fender, W-fender and more will be available at our website on short notice. For questions or offer’s feel free to send your request to and we will provide you with our best offer.


During the latest Months of the year 2018 TABmarine concluded several new orders for marine equipment. Manholes in all kind of sizes and shapes (round, flush single point), raised, oval and heavy duty type. Also an order for the delivery of a set of winches including chain and anchors for a European customer was signed for delivery in 2019. Last but not least a repeat order for 2 shipsets of rubber fender and several other steel parts and mooring ropes could be booked as a firm order.

 In the first week of October TABmarine delivered, one week in ahead of schedule, a complete set of very precise machined parts. Because of the  requirement for short delivery time the customer decided to order the products shipped per airfreight. This case shows that even with urgent delivery time TABmarine can offer you a economic and quick solution.

At the end of September TABmarine received their first order for the delivery of a complete vessel’s set of anchor chain. The anchor chain will be delivered under BV class and is intended for a new build Tug which will be handed over to the final customer early 2019. TABmarine is offering a wide range of products and with the best price-quality level we are able to supply all kinds of products for the maritime industry.



 September was just started and TABmarine received it’s first order from a Dutch shipyard. The order contains several components for the shipbuilding industry like TABmarine rubber fender, lashing equipment and manholes. Also DIN standard mooring equipment and tailor made deck fitting parts were part of the order which completely will be delivered during 2018. TABmarine and her partners are proud to deliver their quality products to this famous Dutch shipyard.



At the end of August TABmarine, in close cooperation with her Chinese Machining factory, managed to book 2 orders for a Dutch customer. One order contains specialized and tailor made machined parts including a special gearwheel. This order will be shipped by airfreight in order to achieve the desired delivery time. The second order is a combined order of precise construction works and machined parts which will be delivered by regular container liner. TABmarine, your partner for all kind of machining and construction works, was chosen as a project partner based on short delivery time and best priced offer.

JULY 2018
In July 2018 TABmarine sold, on behalve of and in good cooperation with her Dutch owner, a powerfull double screw pusher to a European customer.  Within a few weeks after the contract was signed the pusher including spare parts was handed over to her new owners and will start working at her new destination soon.